BEST Kodi Addons List (March 2020)

BEST Kodi Addons List

In this article we list the BEST Kodi addons available for movies & TV shows, live sports & replays, live TV (IPTV), anime & cartoons, adults and many more categories. This list is being updated regularly as we continue testing Kodi addons from time to time. The best Kodi addons might change over time.

Every addon in this list is compatible with Kodi 18 Leia (up to Kodi 18.5) and can be run on any hardware you can install Kodi on including Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Nvidia Shield, Android mobiles & tablets, Android TV boxes and Windows & Mac computers.

Please remember that Kodi addons are available for free. The developers are spending their free time to enhance our Kodi experience. This means Kodi addons might stop working overnight

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Best Kodi Addons for MOVIES & TV SHOWS

The Crew

The Crew Kodi Addon might be one of the best out there at the moment. This all-in-one addon provides you with movies, TV shows, live sports and replays, IPTV, adult content and a lot of niche sections like stand-up comedy or kids and cartoons. It also supports free and Debrid users (cached torrents).

How to install The Crew Kodi Addon


The Tempest Kodi Addon is a popular Exodus fork made for movies and TV shows. The addon is slim and easy to use, within seconds you are able to find video content. At the moment Tempest is working quite well for free users as well.

How to install Tempest Kodi Addon


The Fen Kodi Addon is a very powerful and lightweight extension for movies and TV shows. Fen has support for Real Debrid (cached torrents), Easynews (Usenet provider) and Furk (storage provider). However it also has free user support with it’s own Tiki Scraper. This addon is pulling many links in 1080p and is worth a look.

How to install FEN Kodi Addon


The Venom Kodi addon is a popular Exodus fork which runs very fast and smooth on Kodi. This Kodi addon uses OpenScrapers to find a lot of links for movies and TV shows in very good quality. Updates and improvements are released frequently and fast which makes Venom one of the best addons for video content these days. The Addon also supports Real Debrid for cached torrents and provides many categories to find your content fast.

How to install Venom Kodi Addon

Tubi TV

The Tubi TV Kodi Addon offers more than 50,000 movies and TV shows. Although Tubi TV doesn’t offer the newest movies and shows it has a very big library of well-known and not so well-known videos you cannot find with any other Kodi addon. There is also a lot of niche content for special interests. This service is totally free and legitimate. It is financed by non-skippable ads during the streams.

How to install Tubi TV Kodi Addon


The ReleaseBB Kodi Addon contains links to many movies and TV shows in very high quality like 1080p or even 4K. Unlike other addons ReleaseBB pulls links from the most popular scene release websites on the internet. Read our article to get an idea of how the movies and shows are named within the addon. Real Debrid is a must-have for this addon!

How to install ReleaseBB Kodi Addon

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux Kodi Addon is yet another Exodus fork which pulls many links for movies and TV shows. This version of Exodus is using OpenScraper and also has Real Debrid support. Although this addon does not receive many updates anymore it is still working quiet well.

How to install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon


The Covenant Kodi Addon has received a new update and is back working! Covenant now comes with Open Scrapers so besides free hosters you can use Real Debrid to utilize premium hosters and cached torrents. Also the addon is supporting Trakt and IMDb lists.

How to install Covenant Kodi Addon

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Kodi addon is a very popular all-in-one addon made for movies and TV shows. There are several sections so you are able to find your desired content quick and easy. The Magic Dragon is free user friendly, however we suggest you to use Real Debrid in order to get the best experience.

How to install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon


If you are looking for a loaded addon and much content you want to check out the Limitless Kodi Addon. It is an all-in-one addon and has sections for movies, TV shows, live sports and sports replays, local and international live TV (IPTV) and a big library of Real Debrid content. The IPTV / live TV section is working quite well and reliable. This playlist style addon is updated regularly with new content.

How to install Limitless Kodi Addon

Scrubs V2

The Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon is an Exodus fork for movies and TV shows. This addon is using several hosters to find links in good quality. Also Scrubs V2 comes with several bonus sections like Widgets, IMDB lists and “More Stuff”. In “More Stuff” you can find content like wrestling, music, documentaries and more.

How to install Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon


The Numbers Kodi Addon is an Exodus fork for watching movies and TV shows. The addon is currently pulling in many links in standard and HD quality. Also Numbers has a wide range of sections including Collections, Networks, Boxsets, Documentaries, 24/7 and more. To find your content quick there are also many subcategories within the main sections.

How to install Numbers Kodi Addon


The Enigma Kodi Addon is based on the Jen template and providing many different sections with lots of video content to find. Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Toons and Animes, Comedy and many more.

How to install Enigma Kodi Addon


The TAZ Kodi Addon is a Exodus fork with updated code. There are sections for movies and TV shows plus Trakt support and a slim layout as usual. The addon is using ResolveURL for pulling in links.

How to install Taz Kodi Addon

Best Kodi Addons for SPORTS

The Loop

The Loop Kodi Addon is currently one of the best addons for live sports. There is a big section for live events called “Fan Zone” with streams for football, basketball, ice hockey and many more. Also there are dedicated sections for NBA, NFL, NHL and golf. The streams are very reliable and most of the time there are multiple links to choose from.

How to install The Loop Kodi Addon


The Sport365 Kodi Addon is very popular among fans of live sports. The addon pulls links from a well-known streaming website with the same name. The addon mainly focuses on Soccer, however there are a lot of other sports like Football, Formula 1, Tennis, Rugby and many more.

Sport365 is one of the few addons for live sports that isn’t based on SportsDevil or Plexus and does not rely on Resolvers. It was designed for grabbing links directly from the website.

How to install Sport365 Kodi Addon

Sportowa TV

The Sportowa TV Kodi Addon is a SportsDevil Fork and is pulling in links from many different live sports websites. Some of these sites are Sport 365, LiveLooker and Crickfree. This Kodi addon focuces on live events of soccer, football, tennis, rugby, cricket and many more.

How to install Sportowa TV Kodi Addon

Rising Tides

The Rising Tides Kodi Addon is a very reliable source for live sports and live TV. There are sections for football (soccer), PPV events like boxing and sports TV channels you can stream over the internet (IPTV).

How to install Rising Tides Kodi Addon


The Goto Kodi Addon (stylized as “(C:\>Goto)”) is a brand-new all-in-one addon. The sports streams section is nothing but impressive and loaded with live events and replays. There are subcategories for all your favorite sports including american football, MMA, football / soccer, basketball motorsports, boxing, MMA and wrestling. Especially if you are a fan of combat sports the GOTO Kodi addon is a must-have.

How to install GOTO Kodi Addon

The Crew

The all-in-one Kodi addon The Crew is providing an extensive sports sections with live games and replays. Sections include NCAAF, NCAAB, MLB, NFL, NHL, UFC, wrestling and more. Especially readers who are looking for sports replays like wrestling (WWE) or combat sports (Boxing, UFC) should consider checking out The Crew.

How to install The Crew Kodi Addon


Just like The Crew the Limitless Kodi addon comes with two sports sections for live events and replays. There are numerous live sports channels and replays available. Sections include NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Football, Combat Sports and many more.

How to install Limitless Kodi Addon

Strike’s AllSportz Recaps

The Strike’s AllSportz Recaps Kodi Addon is a compiliation of several official sports replays and videos you can find on YouTube. The addon is linking to official YouTube channels with full game replays, interviews, highlights clips and more. There is much content to find and a big range of sections.

How to install Strike’s AllSportz Recaps Kodi Addon


The Sportz Kodi Addon is pulling sports content from official YouTube channels. You can find replays of full games and events, interviews, highlight clips, bonus content and more. There is a wide range of sections including game sports like NBA and NFL, football /soccer, motor sports like F1, MMA and wrestling.

How to install Sportz Kodi Addon

Replay Me

The Replay Me Kodi Addon is providing replays for numerous sports events. There are sections for NBA, NHL, NFL, UFC, Boxing and many more. There are a lot of videos playable and working. If you need to catch up on sports events you want to check out this addon.

How to install Replay Me Kodi Addon

Our Match

With the Our Match Kodi Addon you can watch football / soccer highlights from all over Europe. There are categories for England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and many more. Please be aware that this Kodi addon offers football / soccer highlight videos which is perfectly legitimate.

How to install Our Match Kodi Addon

Best Kodi Addons for LIVE TV / IPTV


TempTV is a reliable Kodi Addon for live TV over the internet. TempTV has been around for quite some time and is still receiving updates on a regular basis. There are sections for sports, entertainment, kids, news, music and many more. Also there is a number of one click movie playlists and an adult category.

How to install TempTV Kodi Addon

Vukovar U Srcu TV

The Vukovar U Srcu TV Kodi Addon is made for watching live TV over the internet. The addon is focused on live TV from Croatia, however there are a lot of other channels available from countries like England, Germany, France, Italy and many more. At the moment Vukovar U Srcu TV is working quite well.

How to install Vukovar U Srcu TV Kodi Addon


The Limitless Kodi Addon is a all-in-one addon with several categories. The IPTV / live TV section is working quite well and reliable. You can find mostly american and canadian channels there. This playlist style addon is updated regularly with new content.

How to install Limitless Kodi Addon

Best Kodi Addons for ANIME & CARTOONS


The WatchNixtoons2 Kodi Addon is one of the best addons for anime and cartoons. There is an enormous amount of content which is pulled from one certain website so you don’t have to mess around with multihosters at all. You can find all your favorites anime and cartoons in dubbed and subbed versions.

How to install WatchNixtoons2 Kodi Addon


The WonderfulSubs Kodi Addon is currently one of the best addons for Animes. You can find a lot of different popular and unknown animes in english language (dubbed) or with english subtitles (subbed). Fans of animes should definitively install this extension to their Kodi media center.

How to install WonderfulSubs Kodi Addon

Best Kodi addons for MUSIC

MP3 Streams

With the MP3 Streams Kodi addon you can listen to music of all your favorite artists and bands. There are plenty of sections to choose from like Artists, Top Albums, Compilations, Billboard Charts and many more. Also there are playlist and shuffle features to play random music.

How to install MP3 Streams Kodi Addon


Alfa (Spanish)

The Alfa Kodi Addon is a addon for movies and TV shows in Spanish language. Currently it is the best choice if you want to watch video content dubbed in Spanish.

How to install Alfa Kodi Addon

Einthusan (Bollywood / Indian)

With the Einthusan Kodi Addon you can watch Bollywood / Indywood movies. There are different sections for languages in India like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi and many more to choose from.

How to install Einthusan Kodi Addon

IcDrama Kodi Addon (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese)

The IcDrama Kodi Addon is made for movies and TV shows in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese. There are plenty of sections to choose from and video content in different languages with subtitles.

How to install IcDrama Kodi Addon

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