EZ Maintenance Kodi Addon 2024 (Maintenance)

EZ Maintenance Kodi Addon

With the EZ Maintenance Kodi Addon you can keep your Kodi sharp, fast and clean. It’s an easy to use maintenance tool with no bloatware, pop-ups and ads. Within seconds you are able to clear the Kodi cache, delete old packages, edit the buffer size for lag-free video streaming and more. The Kodi addon detects the ideal video cache settings automatically which is a very useful function. In the guide below we show step by step how to install the EZ Maintenance Kodi Addon.

For more information check out the developer’s GitHub page (external link).

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Sections Overview

  • Fresh Start
  • My Wizard
  • Backup/Restore
  • Maintenance
  • Advanced Settings (Buffer Size)
  • Log Viewer/Upload
  • Speedtest
  • Settings

How to install EZ Maintenance Kodi Addon

Install peno64 Repository

  1. You may need to enable unknown sources in your Kodi settings
  2. Go into your Kodi settings and open the file manager
  3. Select “Add source” and click on “None”
  4. Type in the path “https://peno64.github.io/repository.peno64/” and select “Done”
  5. Highlight the box underneath and type in a name like “peno64” for this media source
  6. Click “OK”
  7. Go back to your main menu and select “Addons” on the left side
  8. Open the addon browser by clicking on the little box symbol at the top left
  9. Select “Install from ZIP file”
  10. Answer the warning message with “Yes”
  11. Open the source “peno64” and select the file “repository.peno64-x.x.zip”
  12. Wait until the notification appears that the repository was installed successfully

If you are not sure how to install a Kodi addon check out our guide with screenshots.

Install EZ Maintenance Kodi Addon

  1. In your addon browser select “Install from repository”
  2. Select the repository called “peno64 Repository”
  3. Open the category “Program addons”
  4. Select EZ Maintenance+ and click on “Install” on the bottom right
  5. Confirm the installation of the dependencies by selecting “OK”
  6. Wait until the notification appears that the Kodi addon was installed successfully
  7. Return to the main menu and the Kodi addon will be accessible from there

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15 thoughts on “EZ Maintenance Kodi Addon 2024 (Maintenance)”

  1. The best cache clean up tool for Kodi. Just remember to turn off automatic cleaning as soon as you install it as it can become a bit of a pain and cause issues.

    For those who like to backup their Kodi, use the portable version and backup your portable_data folder manually. It makes going back to a useable Kodi much easier in case of any issues that may occur during any install from repos, apps etc.

  2. o ez maintenance é ótimo, o único ajuste que eu faço é ir no advanced settings e trocar o buffer 2 pelo buffer 0, dessa forma fica super top.

  3. I also find the backups never restore… .The best work around so far is to save all the zip files to your computer.. .still have to manually install everything but at least it’s backed up somehow. About once a month I need to completely fresh install kodi when any and all addons fail.. nothing will search a stream whatsoever until its a fresh install.. and the following month ,,the cycle starts over again,, this is only on the pc kodi 19 version ,, no idea whats happening there but it makes me not use the app for long periods of time. On the android version , no issue at all ,, so I guess the lesson is that the pc version is just very unstable with addons.

  4. I installed but everytime I did I lost my connection with Real Debrid and because I am a nooby I needed to re install it to find out that EZ is responsible for my problems…..without EZ I do not have problems that I can not connect. But another problem occures. I thought to use EZ for my buffering problem, because of Real Debrid in combination with Odin, it choose for 4K movies, to much data, I get buffering problems. I need an alternative to solve both problems, You know some?

  5. Ok perfect install. Then I go into settings and I find the restore files I want restored. But nothing happens when I click on it.
    So I tried going back to the ez restore button and no files are showing.
    How do I start the restore?

  6. How does this compare to the OpenWizard? If it has any additional features or strengths, can you install it in addition to OpenWizard?

    • Ez maintenance allows you to adjust your buffer rate so you don’t get lagging. More of your file size goes to videos so you buffer flawlessly! If you have a great Internet connection, it may not matter to you. But I have bad Internet speed, and this allows me to watch movies without any issues. Otherwise, my movies and TV shows with constantly stop and buffer.
      Open wizard does not!

  7. Great addon with many features. However, as with all previous maintenance addons, using them effectively without mishap is a challenge. A user guide link embedded within the addon or a text guide in pdf format and link posted at this site would be extremely helpful in getting the most out of this addon.

  8. The ez-maintenace plus addon is now in a repository. This makes it even easier to install: http s://peno 64.github.io/ repository.peno64