Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon (All-In-One)

Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon

The Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon is a new all-in-one addon for video content of all types. It is located in The WareHouse Repository. There are several sections and categories to choose from, including movies, TV shows, IPTV & sports, documentaries, anime and many more. The addon supports Trakt and IMDb accounts. Loonatics Empire is a good allrounder and one of the go-to Kodi addons. Remember to use Real Debrid to play videos in the best quality possible. Read our guide to find out how to install the Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon.

UPDATE: Loonatics Empire is not available anymore! Check out our list of the BEST Kodi addons for working alternatives.

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Sections Overview

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • Loonatics Movie Lists
  • IPTV & Sports
  • Amazon / Hulu / Netflix
  • TMDB Movie Arena
  • IMDB Movie Arena
  • Documentaries
  • Anime
  • Retro Cartoons
  • Music
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • YouTube Videos
  • Oldies But Goodies
  • Search
  • Tools
  • Premium Services
  • News and Info
  • Change Log

How to install Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon

Install The WareHouse Repository

  1. You may need to enable unknown sources in your Kodi settings
  2. Go into your Kodi settings and open the file manager
  3. Select “Add source” and click on “None”
  4. Type in the path “https://warehousecrates.github.io/TheWareHouse/” and select “Done”
  5. Highlight the box underneath and type in a name like “TheWareHouse” for this media source
  6. Click “OK”
  7. Go back to your main menu and select “Addons” on the left side
  8. Open the addon browser by clicking on the little box symbol at the top left
  9. Select “Install from ZIP file”
  10. Answer the warning message with “Yes”
  11. Open the source “TheWareHouse” and select the file “repository.thewarehouse-xx.x.xx.zip”
  12. Wait until the notification appears that the repository was installed successfully

If you are not sure how to install a Kodi addon check out our guide with screenshots.

Install Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon

  1. In your addon browser select “Install from repository”
  2. Select the installed “LooNatics Asylum Repo”
  3. Open the category “Video addons”
  4. Select Loonatics Empire and click on “Install” on the bottom right
  5. Confirm the installation of the dependencies by selecting “OK”
  6. Wait until the notification appears that the Kodi addon was installed successfully
  7. Return to the main menu and the Kodi addon will be accessible from there

Unlock adult section

  1. Open up the Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon, scroll down a bit and click on “Tools”
  2. Select “Settings: Navigation”
  3. Navigate to “Enable Adult Arena – Enter password” and type in the password “yen00L” (without quotation marks)
  4. Confirm with “OK” on the right side
  5. Restart Kodi and start the addon again. A new section will be listed.

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17 thoughts on “Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon (All-In-One)”

  1. is this addon working with 18.9. I still use in my 18.9. but I just switched to 20 Nexus in my room and I have noticed its alot faster then the 18.9, thankyou

  2. again thank you so much, we appreciate everything you do for all of us, for years they have ripped us off over charging and programming that just sucked,

  3. Thanks for the instructions.
    For The Warehouse,
    Loonatics is not there when I need it in this step.
    Install Loonatics Empire Kodi Addon
    In your addon browser select “Install from repository”
    Select the installed “LooNatics Asylum Repo”

    Are there some instructions missing?

  4. According to your intro “Every addon on this list is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix (up to Kodi 19.4) and can be run on any hardware you can install Kodi on …”
    Can I throw the BS Flag here or do I not know what I am doing? Not a total tech expert by an means – but – followed the installation instructions – and – the warehouse tells me that ‘Loonatics’ is “not compatible with your version” – am running 19.4 – a version that Loonatics is supposed to be compatible with. (Ditto with other ‘warehouse’ adddons I tried.
    Guess I should just blow this out or any suggestions from anyone?

  5. Might be nice if you mentioned at the beginning that a Debrid account (whatever that is) is required and where I can register for a Debrid account.

  6. I have got Diggz Xenon 8.3 Build. The LooNatics Empire will not install. The message says that the installation failed. I had to problem downloading the zip file, but it will not install from the repository. I was able to install it about an hour ago on a different computer that does not have the Diggz Xenon Build with no problems, and it works just fine, but for some unknown reason it will not install in the Diggz build?

  7. Within the last two weeks installed LE on a Firestick 4K max & a Nvidia Shield Pro with no problems. The only hassle for me is downloading the TMDB helper player.

  8. I have Kodi 19.3 and Loonatics will not install from the video add-ons it kicks back to the main menu of my Firestick 4K. I have had Loonatics before on a previous version of Kodi so I’m not sure what the problem may be. I did see a previous post with a similar problem. Any suggestions would be helpful, Loonatics is one of the best add-ons for me personally.

  9. Hello I need help, when I click on loonatics Empire it freezes and goes back to the home page of my android box. I can click on live net, swift, tvN sports and install but the main Loonatics Empire has everything I want tv and sports. Do you have any idea what is going on. Please respond