How to enable InputStream Adaptive in Kodi

How to enable InputStream Adaptive in Kodi

InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input are two essential and important Kodi addons which are necessary to play certain types of streams. If you are having issues playing streams you may want to check if these two addons are enabled.

In this guide we will explain to you what InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input are and how to enable them.

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InputStream Adaptive simply explained

InputStream Adaptive is a so-called binary Kodi addon for internet streams. It acts as a demuxer for segmented, multi-bitrate video content. Multi-bitrate means these streams are able to dynamically adjust the quality depending on your internet connection. So if you are having a slow connection these kind of internet streams lower the bitrate for you to ensure a stable playback.

Supported video formats are:

  • HLS multi-bitrate (.m3u8)
  • Smoothstream manifest (.ism)
  • MPEG dash manifest (.mpd)

Also with this addon Kodi is able to play copy-protected content. Offiical streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ are protecting their streams with DRM systems. InputStream Adaptive supports following DRMs:

  • Microsoft PlayReady (Android only)
  • Google Widevine
  • Encrypted HLS streams

RTMP Input simply explained

RTMP stands for “Real Time Messaging Protocol”. This protocol is developed by Adobe Inc. to stream and play Flash streams. Some Kodi addons offer Flash videos so you also want to enable RTMP Input in your Kodi settings.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi

01 – On your Kodi home screen click on “Add-ons” on the left side.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 1

02 – On the top left click on the box symbol.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 2

03 – The Kodi addon browser opens. Select “Install from repository”.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 3

04 – Select the official Kodi Addon Repository.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 4

05 – Scroll down and open the category “VideoPlayer InputStream”.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 5

06 – If there are two crosses next to “InputStream Adaptive” and “RTMP Input” these two addons are not working and you need to enable them.

Click on “InputStream Adaptive”.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 6

07 – On the bottom select “Enable”.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 7

08 – Make sure that there is a checkmark symbol now instead of a cross. Repeat these steps for RTMP Input.

Enable InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input in Kodi - Step 8

How to install InputStream Adaptive on Linux

When you are using Kodi on Linux it is not possible to install InputStream Adaptive using the graphical user interface of Kodi. The official Kodi website is also not listing Linux as a supported platform for the addon. However there still is the chance to install the InputStream client as some addons may require it.

Linux users need to open up a terminal with root permissions and execute the following commands one by one:

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt-get install kodi-inputstream-adaptive

The first command “sudo apt update” will update all repositories your Linux installation is using. The second one is installing InputStream Adaptive for Kodi.

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12 thoughts on “How to enable InputStream Adaptive in Kodi”

  1. Some add ons videos does’t work anymore. The folllowing message is shown :
    “One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message”.
    It is happenig from few days, before everithing was fine.
    I tried to reinstall both kodi and the add ons, but the issue is not solved.
    One add on is LA7/LA7d ( italian ).
    The problem appear in many my devices, Android TV, Firestick, PC ( windows 11) .

  2. I’ve searches every inch of my kodi setting and nothing no where I have kodi 20 alpha. Please any advise will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Посмотрите в “дополнение – мои дополнения – videoplayer inputstream – inputstream adaptive – включить.”
    у меня kodi 18.9

  4. I am very very new to Kodi. Here is my problem. I had Kodi 18.0 installed on my T95UPro Android 6.0. I downloaded the latest version of Kodi as of 10/11/20 which is Kodi 18.9. I uninstalled Kodi 18.0 and then installed Kodi 18.9. Tried to install/enable input stream adaptive and RTMP from the Kodi add on repository. RTMP is fine installed and enabled but input stream adaptive is not in the Kodi app repository. I have not tried streaming previously so dont know if it would have worked when I had 18.0 installed. How do I obtain and install Input Stream Adaptive? I intend to try and install Disney+

    • I have the exact same problem on my Sony Bravo android tv.
      Clean install of Kodi, but InputStream.Adaptive is not visible in the repository.

      However, the log.txt states that ADDON InputStream.Adaptive 2.4.6 is installed.

      Why is it not showing in the repository?