Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 1: Features, Download, Release Date

Kodi 20 Nexus: Features, Download, Release Date

Kodi 20 Nexus will be the next major release of Kodi with many new features and improvements. In this Kodi 20 guide you will find all new functionalities and changes, updates, download links and everything else you need to know before using the latest version of the popular media center software.

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Kodi 20 Nexus final release date and test versions

Currently Kodi 20 Nexus is in its Alpha phase. During this phase interested users can download and try out prelease versions to find and report new bugs to the developers. Scroll to the bottom of this article for the official download link.

Usually every few weeks a new alpha version will be released. After a couple of months there will be a beta version of Kodi 20 which should be a bit more stable but is still for testing purposes only. The beta version is followed by a release candidate, the last step before the final release of the first stable version.

The first stable release of Kodi 20 Nexus is expected for summer 2023. The latest stable version of Kodi is version 19.4 Matrix. You can find our ultimate Kodi 19 Matrx guide by clicking this link.

Impact on Kodi addons

When Kodi 19 Matrix was released most of the popular addons were not working with the version. Users had to wait a couple of months for new and updated addons since there was no backward compatibility.

The reason for it was the switch from Python 2 to Phython 3, the programming language of Kodi addons. Will there be the same issue with Kodi 20 Nexus?

The answer is: No! Kodi 20 still requires the addons to be written in Python 3. In fact there is no Python 4 on the horizon so when doing the switchover to the latest version of Kodi there should be no issues with addons whatsoever.

However we still suggest you to wait for the first stable release of Kodi 20 since test releases are not intended for daily usage.

Kodi 20 Nexus changes and new features

We’d like to point out that Kodi is an open source and non-commercial software, free to use by everyone. All developers are working on that project in their free time to improve the media center and add new features on a regular basis.

Some important key features in Kodi 20 Nexus are:

  • AV1 hardware decoding for Android and Linux
  • Several major improvements regarding subtitles
  • Apple M1 support on macOS
  • HDR info tag for video content
  • Savestate manager for Kodi Retroplayer (retro games)
  • Support for built-in Steam Deck controller

A full list of all updates and new features is down below. Since Kodi is a free software you can also see all changes between Kodi 19 and Kodi 20 on GitHub.

Kodi 20 Latest Updates

Kodi 20 Alpha 1


  • AV1 hardware decoding for Android and Linux (via VAAPI)
  • Bump to FFMPEG 4.4


  • Subtitle settings can now be changed during video playback
  • New font style settings, e.g. border size / color, background type / color / opacity etc.
  • Support for dynamic positioning of subtitles (position tags)
  • Underlined and strikethrough text style support
  • New color palette in color settings
  • New setting to change text alignment for closed caption subtitles
  • Subtitle metadata can be overwritten (like style and position)
  • Improved font size that matches point/pixel proportions
  • Subtitles are displayed correctly when Kodi is in window mode
  • Improved VPlayer for better reading of multiline text
  • Improved SAMI format, better support for multiple languages
  • Improved TX3G format to support multiple styles, colors and alpha channel
  • ASS/SSA subtitles are now displayed without flickering
  • Improved image-based subtitle rendering for better aspect ratio
  • Support for WebVTT subtitle format type
  • Improved font list settings, actual names of fonts are now displayed
  • Support for OpenType font type (OTF)
  • Improved calibration window, possible to reset calibration settings


  • Fixed resume of Blu-rays and DVD ISOs in file mode
  • Fixed playback of some optical discs on Linux (incorrect mapping mountpoints)
  • Optical media is now mounted by default onl Linux (via udisks)
  • Code cleanup and platofrm split of disc drive handling
  • Skin cosmetics
  • Fixed duplicated context menu items

Edit Decision List (EDL)

  • Fixed EDL mute sections and EDL cuts

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Independent volume settings for GUI sounds
  • Password reveal button in keyboard dialog
  • Fixed wrap lists
  • Fixed hitrect on auto sited buttons
  • Fixed context menu options that are not triggering the respective builtin action


  • Support for built-in Steam Deck controller


  • New Color Picker window dialog which displays a list of colors
  • Improved image control to support read of dynamic $INFO data to “colordiffuse” tag
  • Improved Player Process Info window with new information added, grouped by context
  • New media flags for HDR videos: detect, store and process type of HDR in video file
  • Skin developers can now define modal dialogs if its visibility depends on boolean condition evaluation
  • Introduction of new infoabels, deprecation of old ones (e.g. Player.Editlist, Player.Cuts, etc.)

Estuary / Estouchy

  • PVR Home Screen: New widget for timers (replaces old current/next recording widget)
  • PVR Home Screen: Add percentage played progress bars to recent channels and recordings widgets
  • PVR Home Screen: Changed default click action to open TV guide window
  • Improved display of EDL markers on default skin (EDL mutes are now shown, cut sections are identified)


  • Savestate manager for Retroplayer with captions describing the state of the game (provied by website RetroAchivements.org)
  • In-game Port Setup dialog to change between game controllers

UNIX Family Platforms

  • Implementation of WS-Discovery (SMB) for *ix platforms (Android / Linux / Apple)

iOS / tvOS

  • Improved Siri Remote handling
  • Improved “Now Playing” Info


  • Support for Apple’s M1 SoC including native windowing / input handling (Kodi developers do not provide prebuilt M1 DMG files)
  • Extented game controller support to OSX
  • Many code cleanups, refinements and refactors


  • Updated Android build to use Gradle for signing / aligning / packaging


  • ACES / Hable Tonemapping for GLES
  • More BiCubic Shaders for GLES
  • Pipewire support


  • New setting to use 10 bit swapchain for SDR videos, which improves video quality and more precise color conversions. Even applies if video output is limited to 8 bit RGB by system or GPU driver
  • Improved DXVA2 performance (hardware video decoding) by sharing decoding and rendering surfaces; avoids video copy operations and reduces video memory usage on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs using recent drivers

i8n support

  • Harfbuzz rendering for scripts with open type font shaping features


  • Channels and recordings can specify a PVR provider
  • Support for read-only recordings
  • Saved search requests and new Estuary PVR Home Screen widget for EPG search
  • Possibility to refresh all channel logos in channel manager
  • PVR settings: New feature to specify which data to delete when resetting PVR database
  • Automatic cleanup of cached PVR images (cached image files and texture.db)
  • Improvements when using multiple PVR addons
  • Performance improvements, especially when using a large channel list

Date / Time

  • Many updates and changes to use std::chrono, affecting the complete code base


  • Support for adding video HDR type info to a video list item
  • New color picker feature
  • Color button settings
  • Function for removing orphaned dependencies recursively

Kodi 20 Nexus Download Link

If you want to test the new Kodi 20 Nexus visit the official Kodi download page, scroll down to the section “Select your platform” and click on the icon of the system you intend to use Kodi on. Then select the tab “Prelease” and click on the fitting download button.

Be aware that Kodi 20 Nexus is still in its test phase (called “Alpha” and “Beta” versions). We do not recommend test versions or early release candidates for daily usage since they still contain some bugs and may come with a poor performance. The latest and stable version of Kodi is version 19.4 Matrix.

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